Last night Nick and I discussed the funk I am in. This sums it up well for me. I’m a mountain pie. I grew up hiking, skiing, overlooking and looking-up-to. I am of the mountains and single-level comforts are not for me. 

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Break from the trees

Volunteers are building the path I was hoping would exist in Connecticut. The #shorelinegreenway project will eventually be 25 miles of maintained coastal trail. This small section is beautiful and used greatly by the residents of Madison. Cheers to the volunteers and donors who make this possible for all of us to enjoy. #katirunsNE #wheredoisignup #morepathsinCTplease #trailrun #CTcoast #hammonasset

What counts in life

is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead. 


Today’s extra credit was a short climb up Ventelon on top of La Grave #mcalps14 #missioncycling #cantstopwontstop by geferr

This might be heaven.

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“First forget inspiration. Habit is more dependable. Habit will sustain you whether you’re inspired or not. Habit will help you finish and polish your stories. Inspiration won’t. Habit is persistence in practice.”
— Octavia E. Butler, Bloodchild and Other Stories (via observando)

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Got my dress in mail for bff’s wedding.

Shortcomings: squishes boobs, ass visibility probability is through the roof, can see my belly button

Accolades: $30, frees up these dancing legs, soft

Nick says with considerable effort, it will look great on me. We high-fived for his ability to keep it real.

Cheers to putting in considerable effort.

Not that anyone is asking

but my opinion on Colbie Caillat’s new “Try” song and video…

Stop raving about this stupid video and expect women to actually have the capabilities to be less concerned about their image - what they are actually capable of, outside of using a makeup remover. This video is meant to empower women to be free from society’s standard’s of beauty, but I think the mere suggestion this is something we should be proud of ridding ourselves of is insulting and condescending on its own. I know this rant is obtuse, because, helloooo, this is pop music we are discussing, but I will channel my she-powers and throw my computer out this third floor window if see another strong woman that I respect credit this video as something “every woman should see.” 

You absolutely should be trying: trying to engage more deeply, trying to learn more critically, trying to build a better foundation. And if you honestly see value in this video’s message, TRY a little harder to expect more out of yourselves and each other, ladies. I think we can hold each other to a bit of a higher standard than this. 

on being a tomboy

2004: Friends pointing and laughing at how you stomp in heels at prom

2014: Not being able how to figure out how to do one of those heart shapes without using emojiis 

Working on making this house a home.


Repeat after me:
My body is not wrong, or ugly, too big or too thin, too pale or too dark, too broken or too strong. It is the vessel of a precious life and that is enough.

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